Some people dream of
sleeping in a warm bed
while outdoors, we make it

Ever wanted to just pack up
and leave?

go camping, fishing, surfing, the old muster or
just go bush, the uteswag is the thing for you.
Uteswags can be fitted to all current shaped
Commodores, crewmans and falcons, we also
offer uteswags in D-max and navaras.
The soft cover swag can fit over roll bars.
there are little modifications needed to your
ute to fit this magnificant swags.

Our uteswags are made out of tough tonnue
materials and attach with a lift-a-dot (press studs)
and magnets. Setting up and packing up your
ute swag can be done in just about one minute.
Utewags can be customized by putting in windows
or any other ideas you might have to
make camping more enjoyable. We also make
a range of camping goods to make even your
experience more relaxing and comfortable.
We will even make items to order if you have
a great idea.


We have worked with a variety of businesses
varying from non-profit to corporate to retail.
Although our clients have ranged in size to
Large corporations, our niche is helping the
everyday person who wants to sleep in a
secure uteswag instead of spending the night
in a cold wet tent.

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